"Every day we leverage the latest algorithms, machine learning technology, advanced natural language processing, and proprietary extraction and tagging tools to speed product creation and lower cost." Jack Abuhoff, CEO, Innodata

For Publishers

Streamline production, unlock content and deliver it to new audiences with our advanced publishing technology and subject-matter expertise.

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For Business Info and Media Companies

Raise your value to your customers and differentiate from the competition with new products and services, without increasing costs.

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For Enterprises

Use data throughout your business to quickly make evidence-based decisions that support your organizational objectives.

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Innodata Labs

Use machine learning and micro-service architectures to dramatically decrease your costs and speed time to market for new products and services.

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Innodata Ventures

Our technology and industry expertise has developed and enhanced associated lines of business, including:

  • Agility PR Solutions – media monitoring & analysis
  • docGenix – derivatives contract analysis & risk management
  • Synodex – digital risk analysis for life insurance companies

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Innodata CSR Program

On March 11, 2016, Innodata turned over to DSWD five (5) computer sets, books and the area it renovated at the home for girls, which serves as library and computer room.

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