Executive leadership

Innodata’s team of senior executives have decades of experience providing high-value goods and services across key categories, including information technology, information science, enterprise content and document management, and publishing.

Each member is committed to delivering the highest quality of services to our worldwide client base, and to maximizing value for all our stakeholders.

Jack S. Abuhoff

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Abuhoff has served as President and Chief Executive Officer since September 1997 and as Chairman of the Board since May 2001. Since joining the company, Mr. Abuhoff has focused Innodata on helping information and media companies create and maintain leading information products. Its strategy has been to bring advanced technologies together with global resources…

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Ashok Kumar Mishra

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Mishra has been the Company’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer since January 2007. Prior to 2007 Mr. Mishra held senior level positions with the Company and its subsidiaries for more than nine years. Prior to joining Innodata in 1997, Mr. Mishra was Deputy General Manager Switching Production in ITI Ltd, a premier…

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O’Neil Nalavadi

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

As a Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Innodata , O’Neil Nalavadi is responsible for all strategic and operational finance functions, including financial planning, operational controls, budgeting, forecasting, accounting, taxation, compliance, reporting and performance management. Mr. Nalavadi will report directly to Jack Abuhoff, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Innodata . With more…

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R. Douglas Kemp

Senior Vice President, Product Innovation

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Lisa J. Indovino

Senior Vice President, Digital Data Solutions

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Amy Agress

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Ms. Agress was elected as Senior Vice President in April 2016. She also serves as Corporate Secretary, having been elected to that position in June 2001, and as the Company’s General Counsel. Prior to joining Innodata in 1996, she was an associate at a general practice law firm in Manhattan. Ms. Agress holds a J.D….

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Martin Lyster

Chief Executive Officer, AgilityPR

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